Culham is a small village by the river Thames near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, with more than 12 centuries of recorded history. Though small, it is known round the world through the nearby research centre which bears its name. Culham Laboratory is home to two major nuclear fusion experiments, JET and MAST. When JET was built, the European Commission set up the European School in Culham to provide an international education for the children of Euratom scientists who would come to work at JET.

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The Mouthpiece for October 2017 is on the website.

SODC are proposing to build 3,500 new houses on Green belt land adjacent to Culham Railway Station up to and including Thame Lane. An Action Group was formed on Monday 19th June to resist this proposal.

It was recognised that whilst more housing is clearly required, building on Greenbelt land should be resisted especially since CPRE research suggests that there is land already with planning permission which is not being developed by major house builders and could provide over 280,000 homes.The Action Group will work closely with Culham Parish Council.

If you wish to be involved, or if you would like simply to be kept informed on progress and given warning when the next SODC "consultation phase" and Public Enquiry are to happen, please email Caroline Baird with an agreement to being put on the mailing list. Caroline can also be contacted on 0711 675129.

There is a website under construction for the action group.

Please send items of village interest for possible inclusion in the website to (John Storrs). The background shows the bridge over the Thames at Culham.